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Sheds of the Year

Shed of the Year

"We 're really proud to sponsor Shed of the Year. Yet again sheddies from across the UK have completely surprised us with their impressive craftsmanship, creativity, uniqueness, and inspired us with the interesting stories behind each of these creations. It 's clear that the humble garden shed is no longer just a space to store garden tools, as people view it more as an extension of their home." -- Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Cuprinol

  • Doog's Shack

    Category: Budget

    Winning Shed: Doog's Shack

    Built entirely from discarded material around the family's farmyard and built with little further investment, this studded wooden structure is used by David and his son to manufacture wooden items from trees cut down in their tree surgery and forestry business. It is also used as a place for David to impart his woodworking knowledge on his son and spend quality time together. It also has a raised platform where he can sleep in the summer, if he wants!

  • Wee Tower

    Category: Eco

    Winning Shed: Wee Tower

    Based in the Ardgour which is known for its abundance of local wildlife and incredible dark skies, this shed is the perfect escape from the modern world. Sit back in the most comfortable recycled stag antler chairs, enjoy a cup of tea brewed on the log burning stove and watch the woodland wildlife all around. By night, make the most of the clear dark skies, making it perfect for stargazing. Built with only sustainable materials, this off-grid wee tower is hidden in the woodland by the owner's cottage.

  • Unlimbited

    Category: Workshop & Studio

    Winning Shed: Unlimbited

    Beating off tough competition in the Workshop & Studio category, Stephen Davies's Team Unlimbited Shed is the heart of their charitable business. The shed is where they design, print, build and deliver 3D printed hands and arms to children across the world.

    Best Workshop & Studio Winner, Stephen Davies said: "After many years of hard work and helping children across the world, it is an amazing achievement to be awarded the winner of the Workshop & Studio category. It just goes to show what can be achieved at the bottom of your garden!"

  • Letsby Avenue

    Category: Historic

    Winning Shed: Letsby Avenue

    Taking home the prize in the Historic category is Barry Anscomb-Moon's Letsby Avenue Police Station, a 1940s living history display. Barry tours the station, which is built on the back of a trailer, to historical events across the country, where the public are invited inside to learn all about policing during WW2. Full of original equipment, posters and paperwork the station really is a step back in time!

    Best Historic Winner, Barry Anscomb-Moon said: "Being awarded the winner of the Historic category is a momentous moment for us, and we're so thrilled to be able to share the secrets of wartime policing with even more people through the competition!"

  • Engine House

    Category: Pub & Entertainment

    Winning Shed: Engine House

    Taking home the prize in the Pub & Entertainment category Kevin Francis' Engine House is bursting with fire service memorabilia collected over many years. Featuring a muster bay for firefighting uniforms, watch room and two workshops, Kevin uses his shed to brew his own fire service related beer, all served from a real fire station bar salvaged before it was demolished.

    Best Pub & Entertainment winner, Kevin Francis says: "The Shed of the Year competition has been nothing but enjoyable and for my Engine House to have won is something I am very proud of! We've always had so much fun hanging out in our shed with family and friends, even hosting Oktoberfest parties, and hope people see that their shed can become a space they can live out their own passions."

  • Pricklebums

    Category: Unexpected

    Winning Shed: Pricklebums

    Beating off tough competition, Ailie Hill's Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue took home the prize in the Unexpected category. The old garden summerhouse was renovated and converted into a hedgehog hospital, for housing sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs during their treatment & rehabilitation process, prior to re-release into the wild. This little shed sanctuary is extremely small (roughly 2m square), but can house up to 22 sick hedgehogs.

    Best Unexpected Shed winner, Ailie Hill said: "To be able to showcase my shed and our hedgehog hospital has been such an amazing opportunity and to be crowned a category winner is something I never expected. The other sheds this this year's competition are amazing and I have definitely been inspired by the wonderful variety of uses."

  • Bunker Shed

    Category: #notashed

    Winning Shed: Bunker Shed

    Taking home the prize in the brand new #NotAShed category, Colin Furze, from Lincolnshire built his very own bunker hidden four meters beneath his unassuming garden shed. Filled with a selection of Colin's own inventions, including an ejector bed and wolverine claws, the bunker also features a games console, satellite TV access and a drum kit to create the ultimate chill out space. Colin Furze says: "I'm really honoured to have won the #NotAShed Category and I've loved every minute of the competition and will remember the experience every time I watch a film on the big screen!"

  • Mushroom House

    Category: Summerhouse

    Winning Shed: Mushroom House

    Beating off tough competition in the Cabin & Summerhouse category, Ben Swanborough's Mushroom Shed was brought to life after his daughter Elsie handed him £500 of her own savings and asked him to build her a house in the shape of a mushroom. Full of fungi paraphernalia, Ben built the two-story shed himself with the help of friends which includes a hidden trapdoor, porch swing and glass floor overlooking the stream at the bottom of his Surrey garden where Elsie loves to spend time enjoying the garden. Ben Swanborough said: "It's been such an amazing experience being part of Shed of the Year! We're looking forward to spending time in our wonderful creation knowing that the judges loved our shed as much as we did!"