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Sheds of the Year

About Shed of the Year

Celebrating the great British shed in all its forms - from the miniature to the massive, the modern to the traditional, the cosy to the minimal and everything in between, we're proud to sponsor The Shed of the Year competition 2021.

The acclaimed contest invites entrants to submit their creations in one of the seven categories, which includes the new Lockdown category introduced last year to recognise the incredible efforts seen during a difficult 2020.

Entrants were whittled down to just 22 finalists, with three sheddies shortlisted in the Budget, Cabin/Summerhouse, Pub & Entertainment, Unexpected/Unique, Workshop/Studio and Nature's Haven categories. Check out all of the 22 finalists and cast your vote!

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Take a look at our 2021 winners below!

Essex Influencer's Chic 70s Inspired Bar Crowned Cuprinol Shed Of The Year 2021

We're excited to announce the Cuprinol Shed of the Year winner has been crowned - this year's winning shed was born after 29-year-old Danielle Zarb-Cousin channelled her creativity to overcome a recent break up with her fiance - Love Island's Jonny Mitchell and built her Creme de Menthe shed.

Danielle, winner of the Pub/Entertainment category, went shed-to-shed with all category winners to be crowned Cuprinol's Shed of the Year.

Overall Winner: the Pub/Entertainment category Overall Winner: the Pub/Entertainment category

"I went through a bad time with the break-up," Danielle says. "It was the worst thing that could've happened, going into lockdown and not being able to see anyone or not being able to date. Building the shed became a focus in a time of chaos."

"After building it, the shed became a place where I could sit and write. It was a little sanctuary for me and it's something I'm really proud of. The shed really represents that time in my life."

After moving in with her parents at the beginning of the first lockdown, Danielle transformed an old, unloved brown shed, which they were planning to knock down, into a retro haven - complete with an orange and mint green colour scheme and cocktail bar.

"I'm really drawn to that era. I love Elvis and Johnny Cash, and artists like that, so I made this whole moodboard and I didn't want it to be a gimmicky or fancy dress-type 70s, I wanted it to be more authentic."

"I really hope it encourages young people to get a bit more creative and stop replacing things with brand new things," she says. "With my generation, everything is just so easily accessible. You can order something and have it so quickly, but it's a throwaway culture."

Danielle has been using the space to write a blog, on subjects from heartbreak and dating to lifestyle - which she is now in the process of turning into a book.

This year 331 hopefuls entered the competition - the most in its 15-year history.

Among the winners of the individual prizes are Joanna van Blommestein - the boss of a bra-fitting boutique in her back garden, Mark Campbell, who built a fairytale castle for his granddaughter during lockdown and Royal Navy Engineer John Williams who created a pop-up bar.

Head judge and founder of the competition Andrew Wilcox said: "We have been blown away by the creativity, passion and dedication on display from sheddies across the country. The amount of care and attention entrants have devoted to their sheds this year is inspiring.

"We hope her win inspires a new generation of sheddies to get out in the garden and start building sanctuaries of their own."

Individual Category Winners:

Cabin/Summerhouse: The Bra Boss Of Kent by Joanna Van Blommestein

Cabin/Summerhouse: The Bra Boss Of Kent - Joanna Van Blommestein Cabin/Summerhouse: The Bra Boss Of Kent - Joanna Van Blommestein

Joanna, 33, established her bra-fitting boutique in her back garden as a way to provide women with a relaxing and supportive space to get fitted and choose their perfect bra. Specialising in post-surgery, many of Joanna's customers are women who have suffered from breast cancer. Joanna, from Faversham, Kent, says: "Lots of people don't really enjoy bra fittings. It can be quite overwhelming or quite daunting, it's not the most enjoyable experience, but I just wanted to make it a lovely relaxing stress-free place."

Lockdown: Winterwood by Mark Campbell

Lockdown: Winterwood - Mark Campbell Lockdown: Winterwood - Mark Campbell

Kind-hearted granddad Mark Campbell, 60, built a fairytale castle for his granddaughter when he was required to shield during the first lockdown. The design was inspired by illustrations from two-year-old Sienna's favourite story books. The two-storey pine creation stands 12 feet tall. Retiree Mark, from Wingerworth, Derbyshire, said: "We've not been able to get Sienna out. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of enthusiasm. It was a voyage into the unknown. I'm utterly amazed to have won."

Unexpected/Unique: Bungy's Backyward Bar by John Williams

Unexpected: Bungy's Backyward Bar - John Williams Unexpected: Bungy's Backyward Bar - John Williams

Royal Navy Chief Engineer John 'Bungy' Williams, 46, roped in his son and daughter to help him build his hidden 'pop-up' pub in the back garden of his Plymouth home. "It's got a footprint of less than 2x1 metres", he explains. "I wanted it to be unassuming when you walked past it, but would open like a pop-up book." John, who has travelled far and wide during three decades in the Navy, has made the most of recent good weather to entertain his friends and family with his creation.

Nature's Haven: The Hideaway by Rosie Hoult

Nature's Haven: The Hideaway - Rosie Hoult Nature's Haven: The Hideaway - Rosie Hoult

Holistic therapist Rosie, 59 and her 65-year-old retired husband David initially only intended to build a bird table in their back garden. But the couple from Shrewsbury soon broadened their horizons and created an idyllic bird-watching sanctuary decorated in a Moroccan theme. Rosie credits the lockdown project with bringing her and her husband closer together. She says: "The shed has become our own little haven. I spend time there most days watching birds or reading and David and I will spend hours just chatting and relaxing."

Workshop/Studio: The Peculiar Pear by Ally Scott

Workshop/Studio: The Peculiar Pear - Ally Scott Workshop/Studio: The Peculiar Pear - Ally Scott

Ally Scott overcame tragedy to triumph in the workshop/studio category. The 48-year-old, from Southampton, lost her mum and her job in quick succession before deciding to build a studio in her back garden so she could pursue her dream of becoming an artist and signwriter. "This shed has changed my life," she says. "It sounds cheesy but it's true. I was a mess after my mother died, but this has given me back a buzz."

Budget: Tranquility Base Les Rowe

Budget: Tranquility Base - Les Rowe Budget: Tranquility Base - Les Rowe

Artist Les Rowe's seven-sided refuge is flooded with colour courtesy of a series of stained glass windows he rescued from a synagogue in Cardiff. The 67-year-old from New Brighton on The Wirral created his distinctive haven featuring outward sloping sides and a domed roof from material mostly donated by family, friends and neighbours. He said: "I originally created Tranquillity Base because I needed a shed, but because it's so beautiful and unique I don't really want to put anything in it."