Cuprinol Fence Sprayer

Cuprinol Fence Sprayer

Cordless operation anywhere in the garden - spray a fence panel in as little as 3 minutes.


The fast and easy way to colour and protect your garden wood. With the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer and Sprayable Cuprinol treatments you can treat your garden wood in a fraction of the time it would normally take with a brush.

  • Quick and easy to use pump-up sprayer for garden wood
  • Water clean up
  • Breakthrough nozzle technology gives continuous, controllable spray
  • 3 year guarantee

Usage Guide


Ensure that wood to be treated is clean, dry and free from dirt, dust or any other surface contaminants.


For full details refer to the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer User Guide.

Assembly Of Components On Initial Use

The majority of the components are assembled however you will need to attach the hose. SECURELY to the sprayer tank and to the handset to avoid leaks during use. Ensure all fittings are tight prior to use but do not use a spanner or similar to tighten. After assembly you should test the sprayer to ensure that all the components are correctly assembled, and there are no leaks - by filling it with water, pressurising and performing a test spray. Once the assembly is completed take the pump out of the sprayer unit, by turning the handle anti-clockwise. Remove pump from the sprayer. Insert the funnel provided into the top of the sprayer where the pump has been taken out. Pour approximately 3 Litres of water into the sprayer using the funnel provided.

On Reuse And After Storage

Check all component parts are free of excessive wear and tear, worn parts must not be used. Check for damage to unit and attachments, if damaged do not use. All repairs to be carried out by an authorized service agent. Check that the pressure release valve is working / not stuck / blocked. Use only authorised replacement components.

Filling With Fluid

SHAKE BOTTLE/TIN OF YOUR SELECTED CUPRINOL PRODUCT THOROUGHLY BEFORE OPENING. Remove cap and tamper evident seal and pour contents into sprayer. Please note that the Fence Sprayer is designed to hold one 5 litre bottle/tin of Cuprinol product. When refilling use the 5 litre indicator (printed on the outside of the sprayer) as a guide to ensure the sprayer is not overfilled.

Replacing Piston, Closing Tightly

Wipe any liquid from the screw thread and replace piston by turning in a clockwise direction until it can be tightened no further. Depress and 1/4 turn the handle anti clockwise until it is in the unlocked position for pumping.


Place the sprayer on a firm, flat surface. With both feet around the base of the sprayer pressurise the sprayer by pumping the handle up and down fully with two hands. Make sure that fingers cannot be trapped between the handle and the top of the tank. Once you have reached the optimum pressure for spraying, the valve will release some air and the indicator will turn from green to red. Re-lock the handle after pumping by bringing it down and turning it to the left.


For best results stand with the sprayer nozzle approximately 30cm (12") from the fence panel and spray one panel at a time. Start by spraying the edges and any vertical struts before spraying the centre of the fence panel. Using a slow, sweeping motion, spray horizontally across the panel, turning at the end and overlapping approximately half of the previous pass each time. This should ensure that you achieve an even finish. As with any sprayer it may take a couple of minutes to perfect your technique. Vary the distance of the nozzle from the fence until you get the best finish. Begin slowly and increase the pace as you get used to spraying. Take care not to spray too quickly as this may result in an uneven finish. Similarly, spraying too slowly will result in excess product being applied causing runs. Should this happen simply brush into the wood. Please be aware that coverage may be less on weathered or absorbent wood. The Cuprinol Fence Sprayer has a very controlled spray pattern, however, as with any spray product a limited amount of overspray will be created. This can be minimised by avoiding spraying in windy conditions and by using cardboard or plastic as a shield. Any overspray should be cleaned up immediately, whilst still wet,with water and household detergent if necessary. Re-pressurise to maximum pressure when the spray pattern "tails off" following step 5. The frequency of repressurisation will depend on the amount of liquid in the container. In the unlikely event that the nozzle becomes partially blocked, release the pressure and unscrew the retainer. Remove both nozzle components and filter and wash with water until all traces of Fence Treatment are removed. Check to see if the nozzle holes are clear and reassemble.


Any unused Fence Treatment can be sprayed directly back into the pack for storage. To do this, remove the combined components and depress the trigger slowly to avoid splashback.



Pour any remaining product back into the original pack. Fill the sprayer with water and reseal as in step 3. Shake the sprayer to remove Fence Treatment from round the insides and then repressurise. Do not dispose of washings into drains or watercourses. Spray water into an empty container and then flush down a sink. Repeat until the waste water runs clear. To ensure that the smaller components have been cleaned thoroughly we recommend that you clean the filters and the seal under running water using a hard bristle brush if necessary. Do not use wire, pins or similar sharp objects to clean or unblock the nozzle. This will lead to damage and a poor spray pattern. Ensure that all parts of the trigger mechanism are also washed clean of any Fence Treatment. Ensure that liquid is completely drained from the sprayer and hose for storage. It is best to detach the hose from the sprayer tank and handset during storage.


A few drops of lubricating oil in the pumping mechanism will protect the seal. Use only authorised replacement components. All repairs to be carried out by an authorised service agent. Retain user guide for future reference.

Tech specs
MPN 6033808
GTIN 123456789