Transform your garden, patio, balcony or terrace with our beautifully curated colour schemes and ideas

Inspired by the world’s most exciting garden and decorating trends, our in-house design experts Marianne Shillingford and Stephanie King have curated four inspiring colour palettes to re-energise your outdoor space.
Whether the look you want is pared-back and sophisticated or lush and vibrant, these gorgeous colour combinations capture how you want to feel when you step outside onto your balcony, courtyard or garden. Best of all, they combine two of our star products that offer all-weather protection: Ducksback for the rough-sawn timber on fences and sheds, and Garden Shades for wood, terracotta and stone.


Create a beautiful haven of calm and tranquillity outdoors

For those who want to create a garden with a gentle, restorative mood, this simple scheme of green and white evokes the beauty of grasses swaying in the breeze and light, floaty florals.

Create your own backyard oasis with Dusted Aloe on larger fences or sheds to provide a beautiful backdrop to the garden planting and accessories. Its grey-green tone works perfectly with accents of Dusky Gem, while Fresh Rosemary and Pale Jasmine bring freshness and light, and deeper, contrasting tones of Sage underscore the scheme.

“Style this palette with natural texture such as rattan and linen to create gorgeous garden seating, along with soft lighting that will make it the ultimate space to unwind.”


Recreate the feeling of a luxury holiday getaway

The Mediterranean garden aesthetic never dates, but it’s also a look that’s totally on-trend. You can tap into Mykonos island vibes with a palette of warm whites and Natural Stone shades, along with pops of earthy Terracotta Red.

Complement the earthy tones with Seagrass and Wild Thyme, which mimic the colours of sturdy Mediterranean planting. Misty Heathland provides an excellent canvas as a wraparound shade for fencing or on a garden building – its interesting brown/grey tone perfectly plays off these other earthy shades, as well as architectural features like a gravel garden.

“Recreate that holiday feeling at home with the simple beauty of earthy tones and accents of terracotta red.”


Welcome wildlife with nature’s most vibrant shades

More and more, we’re looking to invite bees, butterflies and insects into our outside space, nurturing wildflowers and plants for pollinators in pots and flower beds. You can complement this scheme with our Wildflower Brights palette, which evokes a classic English cottage garden.

Anchored by the lush, mid-green of Delicate Pine, Sweet Sundae or Cornflower will add a pop of energetic colour to furniture. Dazzling Yellow works brilliantly to attract bees and insects while it brings a sunny touch to smaller items such as pots, raised flower beds, trellises or wooden planters.

“We love this romantic line-up of nature’s brights for your garden – and so will the bees and insects.”


A palette that’s both welcoming and sophisticated

The Scandi trend for uncomplicated, pared-back colour doesn’t just work beautifully for interiors; we love to work with similar shades outdoors, too. Perfect for low-maintenance urban courtyard gardens, patios and garden pergolas, this palette is stylish but still cosy and welcoming.

Mix cooler tones, such as Herring Grey, White Daisy and Black Ash together, adding in cushions and throws for a warm, tactile element. You can also layer Urban Slate with these shades, as its slight navy undertone adds a subtle hint of colour – plus it’s one of our go-to shades for making the greens in your garden really pop.

“Add some cosy-cool Scandi vibes to your space – combine these classic tones to create a perfect backdrop for your greenery.”


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