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How to upcycle old garden table

Create the perfect canvas for your next garden dinner party with this quick hack to transform your pre-loved garden table.

Colours used
Products used
Cuprinol Garden Shades Cuprinol Garden Shades

You will need:

  • 1L of Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer
  • 1L of Cuprinol Garden Shades in your preferred colour
  • 2” and 3” paint brushes
  • Small roller and tray
  • Scrubbing brush or kitchen scouring pads to get that table sparkling clean and smooth
  • Watering can
  • Rubber gloves

Step 1
Pop on your rubber gloves and apply a generous coat of Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer to the surface with a 3" brush and then get scrubbing!

Step 2
Use a watering can or hosepipe to rinse clean and allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 3
Give your table a quick sand to make sure you’re ready to paint.

Step 4
Using a roller on the flat bits and a small paint brush on the fiddly bits, apply two coats of Cuprinol Garden Shades. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats.

Step 5
Now you're ready to host an instagram-worthy outdoor party - perfect for summer evenings! Just add some stylish crockery or some potted herbs that your guests can pick from to add to their meal!

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