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How to make your garden feel bigger

The perfect creative fix to make your garden look bigger and more beautiful in no time. When you've finished why not wind some fairy lights and faux ivy around the mirror for a cosy finish. Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy!

Colours used
Products used
Cuprinol Garden Shades Cuprinol Garden Shades

You will need:

  • 1x frameless mirror
  • 6mm exterior plywood panel, cut to size of the mirror
  • 1x garden trellis panel (the same width as the mirror)
  • 1L of Cuprinol Garden Shades in your favourite colour
  • 1x 2” paintbrush and small deep pile radiator roller & tray
  • 1x dust sheet to keep your plants and paving looking perfect
  • Small hand saw
  • Heavy duty exterior adhesive
  • Four fixing brackets, screws & screwdriver
  • Optional: fairy lights, faux ivy

Step 1
Place the trellis on your mirror and mark where you’ll need to cut

Step 2
Cut the trellis to size using a small hand saw

Step 3
Using a paintbrush or small roller, apply your favourite Cuprinol Garden Shades colour. Apply 2 coats to the trellis. Remember to let the paint dry thoroughly between coats.

Step 4
Apply glue to one side of the plywood

Step 5
Push the mirror firmly down onto the plywood, and leave until the glue dries

Step 5
Apply glue to the back of trellis, push down firmly onto the front of the mirror and allow to dry before screwing to the fence with brackets

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