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Welcome to the inspiration section of our
site, where you can find lots of creative
ideas to easily transform your garden.

Our Garden Themes

Below are the wonderful themes that we've created to transform your garden. Browse through our colour palettes and find useful how to guides to help you recreate these looks in your garden.

Comforting Theme
Make your garden a shade more comforting

The Comforting garden is your own personal sanctuary, a space where you can connect with nature and shut out the noise and pressures of the outside world.

Inviting Theme
Make your garden a shade more inviting

The Inviting garden is an effortlessly stylish space that's all about gathering together and enjoying the company of family or friends in an environment where you can relax and unwind.

Playful Theme
Make your garden a shade more playful

The Playful garden is a creative hub and extension to the home, where you can recharge your batteries and let inspiration flow.

Outdoor Cooking
Outdoor Cooking

Great outdoor cooking is all about creating the right combination of flavours and it's the same with colour in your garden.

Modern Workspace
Modern Workspace

Unlock the full potential of your garden as a place to think, dream and create with clever use of colour and zoning.

Family Retreat
Family Retreat

We'll show you how to create a family garden that's fun, versatile, practical and everyone's favourite place to be.


The simple pleasure of entertaining family and friends in the garden on a summer evening doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to be truly epic - we'll show you how.

Grow Your Own
Grow your own

Create a wonderland of herbs, fruit and vegetables in this sustinabile garden.

Small Space Hacks
Small space hacks

Clever ways to maximise the outside space so that it works well and looks good.

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