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Cuprinol Colour of the Year 2018 - Heart Wood

Cuprinol Colour of the Year 2018 - Heart Wood

Colour of the Year Heart Wood provides the perfect neutral backdrop for any garden. This versatile colour takes inspiration from all things wooden with subtle hints of lavender that create a wood toned neutral. It has a visually soothing appeal that makes outdoor spaces instantly welcoming and works effortlessly with every style of decorating. This Queen of Nature’s Neutrals also has the magical quality of subtly changing as the sun moves across the sky, making it look fresh and interesting in every kind of British weather.

Cuprinol Colour of the year 2018

The perfect backdrop
brought to life with pops of colour.

Here we’ve partnered Heart Wood with Summer Damson to compliment those lavender tones, while the depth of Iris provides the contrast needed to really add warmth to the garden.


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Garden Shades is available in a range of colours. Explore them here:

This year we've split our colour range into two distinctive palettes; Nature's Neutrals and Nature's Brights.

By definition, Nature's Neutrals include all of the colours you would see in the natural world, including the sky, landscape, raw materials and water. They work as the foundation to any colour scheme and any combination of these colours work well together.

For Nature's Brights, used in small amounts alongside Nature's Neutrals, they make a big impact without overwhelming a space. These are the accent colours associated with flowersand are perfect for adding pops of bolder colour to garden furniture and decorative details.

Used together, Nature's Neutrals & Nature's Brights work in perfect harmony.