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Garden Furniture Help & Advice

Garden Furniture Help & Advice

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How to Prepare & Clean


By preparing and cleaning your drab, grey garden furniture you can transform your garden into the perfect area to entertain during the summer months.

  • Remove excess dirt and soiling, large areas of algae, lichen, fungi or moss with a scraper or stiff brush, then sand and clean the surface. Bare or untreated wood should be pre-treated with an appropriate wood preserver to prevent rot and decay, such as Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear.
  • Surfaces should be dry and free from dirt. Use Cuprinol Garden Furniture Cleaner or Wipes for best results. Cuprinol Garden Furniture Cleaner is also ideal for on-going maintenance during the spring and summer months.
  • Wood previously stained, painted or varnished should be stripped back to bare wood.

How to Protect & Revive


Revive your Garden Furniture with a naturally beautiful and hard-wearing finish on your old grey dining table or a colourful new look for that weathered garden bench.

  • Apply only in dry conditions, above 5°C and when bad weather is not forecast.
  • Try a test area first to ensure adequate adhesion.

Choose the right product for the job:

Untreated furniture will soon show the damaging effects of the weather Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer helps bring graying wood back to life quickly and easily.

Cuprinol Garden Furniture Stain Teak Oil penetrates into the wood, replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. Use it on new or newly restored furniture to keep the wood nourished and prevent it from cracking or splitting

If you want to add colour to your garden we would recommend using Cuprinol Garden Shades. This gives a beautiful, long lasting colour and protection to all garden wood

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