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Sheds of the Year

Shed of the Year

Celebrating the great British shed in all its forms - from the miniature to the massive, the modern to the traditional, the cosy to the minimal and everything in between we're proud to sponsor The Shed of the Year competition 2019. This year a new category has been added with entrants being invited to show off their "Nature's Haven" with designs inspired by nature.

Take a look at our 2019 categories below and click through to explore the entries on our competition site.

  • Category: Nature's Haven

    Allotment Eco Shed Bux End The Hut

    Cuprinol has long supported a natural approach to the great outdoors so it only seemed right that it should inspire an extra category in the competition - 'Nature's Haven'.

    The new addition represents an opportunity for entrants to submit shed designs inspired by nature. This demonstrates the shift towards an unlandscaped outdoors as keen gardeners nationwide embrace a trend for garden maintenance that allows the wild to thrive.

    Research from Cuprinol recently revealed that more than a third of Brits (35 per cent) will allow nature to take over part of the garden this summer, leaving a section unmaintained to embrace the wild outdoors.

    Sheds entered in this category showed how they can compliment the natural habitat around them - in the same was that Curpinol's woodcare products are inspired by nature's brights and nature's neutrals.

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  • Category: Unexpected

    Lorry Life Retro Retreat The Tempest

    This category sits with the shed that is not what it says on the tin. Sheds normally conjure up images of a dark space at the end of the garden where homeowners store anything from bikes, to tools to garden furniture.

    But entrants to this category are expected to wow the judges with their imaginative use of a space - whether it's the colour, design, what its used for or the use of materials used to build it.

    Entries are unique and their owners have put time and effort into their creation often with limited funds or design experience. Whatever the unexpected nature of these sheds we can expect novelty, style and a real labour of love.

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  • Category: Cabin Summerhouse

    Hippy Hut Hunters Bothy Woody Willow

    This category lends itself to entries which could be considered another room of a home. Increasingly homeowners like to bring the great outdoors into their homes and what better way than having a room at the bottom of the garden. A space to escape from the humdrum of daily life, switch off from technology and be at one with nature. It doesn't matter if this is a space to send the kids to get creative with their imagination - or where you run a small business or keep up with a hobby, entrants to this category will have a use for their space that transcends a storage space.

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  • Category: Workshop/studio

    Artist in the shed Super Shed The Ark

    This category is for the sheds that are more likely to be used in a way the shed was initially intended. But the scope for this has broadened with modern living as more people take their hobbies or small businesses outside away from their home. In the past we have had sheds that are used for photography, art, music or as with last year's winner - to run a charity making 3D limbs for children.

    This space could even be somewhere that's functions change depending on the season or is multi-functional with uses in different areas of the shed. Whatever the reason entrants to this category must make use of their shed in one way or another.

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  • Category: Unique

    Instant Karma Space Shed The Wagon

    This is the category for the utterly bizarre to stand-out brilliance. Entrants to the Unique category should own a shed which stands out - either for its use, the way it looks or even its theme. These sheds will wow judges with their creativity, colour, individuality and flair.

    Whether it's from the outside in or the inside out - entrants will have expressed their own originality with this piece of art.

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  • Category: Budget

    My Shed Shack Attack Vintage Tea Shed

    A category for the thrifty - these sheds will have impressively been made on a budget. Whether it's reclaimed wood, pallets, iron or scrap metal entrants will have foraged for materials in their local area and upcycled them to create their masterpiece. The entries will have been a labour of love for their makers - and often a task that all the family chip in with - whether is be the donation of materials or just sheer manpower.

    Entrants must have spent under £500 on creating this shed - which is no mean feat considering some of the beautiful structures we have had in this category before.

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  • Category: Pub/entertainment

    Fisherman's Rest Reef Cavern Shed of two halves

    This is the category for the social drinkers amongst us. Entrants will be the envy of all their neighbours with their very own pub in their back garden.

    Whether it's because your local has closed down leaving nowhere for you to gather with friends or whether you just love a beer garden this is the category for you. Previous entrants have dazzled judges with their innovative use of materials and space in order to get their favourite tipples behind the bar.

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