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Sheds of the Year


West Wing - Kevin Herbert from Berkshire

A family-friendly labour of love, built over eight years, The West Wing has three separate sections including a spacious loft, which as an area to sleep and wind down, a large workshop space for 'shedworking' and a secret bookcase that reveals a hidden room for the kids to enjoy.

An eco-friendly shed, made from 90% recycled material, this quirky getaway at the bottom of the garden took out the top honour in a nail biting season finale.

2016 Shortlisted Entries

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  • Overall Winner
    West Wing

    Shed: West Wing

    Location: Berkshire

    Owned by Kevin Herbert

    Made from 90% recycled materials and set across three sections, the West Wing includes a bed in loft space, an area to relax and escape, a secret bookcase, a play area, storage and workshop.

  • The Cob Shed

    Shed: The Cob Shed

    Location: Norfolk

    Owned by Kate Edwards, Charlotte Eve and Wilf Edwards-Eve

    Built with sustainable and affordable mud/cob, this shed creates a beautiful curvaceous space located on the edge of a lake (Filbry Broad) which the owners use for entertaining friends, bird watching, art studio, song writing and a creative space.

  • Strawdio

    Shed: Strawdio

    Location: Bristol

    Owned by Piers Partridge

    Inspired by Rachel Whitehead's straw bale hut in West Wales, The Strawdio was built out of straw bales and is a hybrid "loadbearing" and timber supported structure. Handbuilt by Piers, the roof is a wild flower meadow sitting on a pond liner.

  • Love Shack

    Shed: Love Shack

    Location: Devon

    Owned by Grant Oatley

    The Love Shack is a tiny little work of art that you could live in while also being completely transportable after being built on its own trailer. It's clad with tiles made from reclaimed tractor inner tubes, and has a living roof.