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Sheds of the Year

Build Yourself A Shed-Sanctuary

Shed owners around the globe are transforming their sheds into zen dens. More than a quarter of shed lovers from around the world are now using their sheds to enhance their sense of wellbeing. Sheds are also being seen as family hangout spaces, backyard dining rooms and dinner entertainment zones. To find out how to transform your shed, click here.

  • Playhouse

    Shed: Playhouse

    Location: Finland

    Owned by: Anna and Eugeni Bach

    Architects Anna and Eugeni Bach built this extraordinary playhouse after their three young children complained that their parents had never built anything for them. To create the ultimate kids playspace Anna and Eugeni designed a playhouse with a difference, with kiosk style windows and wide doors which open up on their garden; a blank canvas for their children's imaginations to run wild - to their son it's a castle and for their daughter, a flower shop.

  • Eryn

    Shed: Eryn

    Location: British Columbia

    Owned by: Tom Chudleigh

    Tom spent four years creating his stunning spherical nest which hangs from ropes up in the canopy of a Vancouver forest. As well as renting out the space for people to stay in (it comes complete with a bed, kitchenette and table and chairs), he also uses it as a space to carry out his writing projects away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • Garden House

    Shed: Garden House

    Location: The Netherlands

    Owned by: Caspar Scholls

    At just 28, Caspar quit his job at a technology firm to find out what he really wanted to do with his life. He lived with his mother and decided he would build a house for her in their garden. The flexible space can extend from 6m to 12m long thanks to an inner shell of double glass and an overarching roof of steel and can be opened up to the elements if desired. Heated by a small but efficient Norwegian wood stove, it is used for sleeping, entertaining or just spending time contemplating your.

  • Painting Studios

    Shed: Painting Studios

    Location: Sweden

    Owned by: The Nordiska Akvarellmuseet Museum

    These painting studios, located on the edge of a lake in Skarhamn, were set up by the Nordic Watercolour museum to encourage collaboration between artists and art students. Each of the studios have two beds and cooking facilities so that artists can live together, share ideas, and take inspiration from the stunning surroundings.

  • Villa Ardilla

    Shed: Villa Ardilla

    Location: Granada, Spain

    Owned by: Daniel Cabezas

    Colourful and compact, a transitional cabin adapts to the aesthetic needs of its temporary occupants while responding to its local contact. At just nine square meters, and built of materials scavenged from a junkyard, the shed is split over two levels and includes an intimate sleeping area on the upper portion. A large window in the living room and skylight in the bedroom illuminate the interior and offer the experience of living truly within the trees.

  • The Glass House

    Shed: The Glass House

    Location: Wisconsin, USA

    Owned by: Susan and Norbert Calnin

    Built in just 3 months from recycled glass door panels and a tin roof rescued from a local salvage yard, Susan and Norbert built their shed to offer weary travellers a few home comforts in a natural setting. The shed comes complete with a real bed with a headboard, mattress and linens and glass walls to bring the "bedroom into the forest, or the forest into the bedroom". Other amenities include a full bathroom with freestanding bath, kitchenette and ipod dock.

  • Bivouac

    Shed: Bivouac

    Location: VardØ, Arctic Norway

    Owned by: Tormod Amundsen

    Architect Tormod and his team built the Bivouac in just three weeks to create a sheltered space in one of the most extreme and exposed places in arctic Norway, investing £15,000 to give visitors somewhere to experience the beauty of the barren and rocky landscape. In line with it's core purpose, the shed has nothing but a bench and spectacular views and is open to anyone who finds it.

  • Reindeer Pavilion

    Shed: Reindeer Pavilion

    Location: Norway

    Owned by: TBC

    The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion is positioned on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park, overlooking the mountain SnØhetta. The building is open to the public and serves as an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation educational programmes. A 1.5 km hiking trail leads visitors to this spectacular site overlooking the Dovrefjell mountains.