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Sheds of the Year

"We 're really proud to sponsor Shed of the Year for the seventh time running. Yet again sheddies from across the UK have completely surprised us with their impressive craftsmanship, creativity, uniqueness, and inspired us with the interesting stories behind each of these creations. It 's clear that the humble garden shed is no longer just a space to store garden tools, as people view it more as an extension of their home." -- Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Cuprinol

  • The Sheep Shed

    Shed: The Sheep Shed

    Location: Aberdeenshire

    Owned by: Jane Foad

    The Sheep Shed is a romantic bolthole bothy for couples to get away from the stress of everyday life. There is a luxurious king size bed on a mezzanine which has a star gazing window and benefits from fabulous views onto glorious countryside. There is a wood fired range for heating, tin water trough to bathe in, cooking facilities and solar panel for lighting. There is also a wood fired hot tub on the deck outside, known as the Sheep Dip! Their ethos is to encourage folk out of their busy technology filled manic everyday lives and to, slow down, relax, feel closer to nature, and rejuvenate!

  • Doog's Shack

    Shed: Doog's Shack

    Location: Wiltshire

    Owned by: David Oliver

    Built entirely from discarded material around the family's farmyard and built with little further investment, this studded wooden structure is used by David and his son to manufacture wooden items from trees cut down in their tree surgery and forestry business. It is also used as a place for David to impart his woodworking knowledge on his son and spend quality time together. It also has a raised platform where he can sleep in the summer, if he wants!

  • Mushroom House

    Shed: Mushroom House

    Location: Surrey

    Owned by: Ben Swanborough

    After his 12-year-old daughter handed him £500 and asked him to build her a house in the shape of a mushroom, Ben didn't ask any questions, instead he jumped right to it! The stem (downstairs) features a small desk area and steps up to the cap (top level). Once through the trap door, you enter a vintage inspired living area fit with stained glass windows, a glass floor to see the river below, a glass roof to see the stars, and a balcony.

  • Knockbrake Railroad

    Shed: Knockbrake Railroad

    Location: Crosshill

    Owned by: TGordon Ross

    This shed features an immaculate large scale American Santa Fe model railroad collection which includes nine tracks for running trains into and out of the shed itself. Within the shed there is a full servicing area used to maintain the stock and locomotives. Multi-use sheds are all the craze, so this shed also works as a place for carpentry/joinery equipment, temporary accommodation during house renovations, extra storage, and housing Gordon's prized motorcycle.

  • Letsby Avenue Police Station

    Shed: Letsby Avenue Police Station

    Location: Cambridgeshire

    Owned by: Barry Anscomb-Moon

    Built onto a trailer, Letsby Avenue is a 1940s Civilian Police Station Living History display which tours around the UK to 1940s events and Police open days. Simply tow between events, add the skirts, porch, steps and other external features, then step back in time to a wartime police station. The public can come inside to learn all about policing during World War Two and to see the equipment, posters and paperwork relevant to policing during that period whilst hearing wartime radio broadcasts. They also work with other re-enactors to perform scenarios such as air raids.

  • Whisky HQ

    Shed: Whisky HQ

    Location: Devon

    Owned by: David Nicks

    Originally conceived as a retreat for the family to escape to on a Sunday night with a meal enjoyed with a wood burner and some board games, it has since formed a second purpose, a MENTAL meeting place. MENTAL, David's whisky group which stands for "Malt Enthusiasts North Tawton And Lager", meet regularly to talk nonsense whilst tasting and scoring different whiskeys. Features include the old back door of the local pub, a wellington bomber landing light, an old work bench as a table and a framed photo of Daphne Du Maurier's father.

  • Pricklebums

    Shed: Pricklebums

    Location: Ludlow

    Owned by: Ailie Hill

    A saving shed, Pricklebums is an old garden summerhouse that was renovated and converted into a hedgehog hospital, for housing sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs during their treatment & rehabilitation process, prior to re-release into the wild. This little shed sanctuary is extremely small (roughly 2m square), but can house up to 22 sick hedgehogs.

  • ABC Cinema

    Shed: ABC Cinema

    Location: Staffordshire

    Owned by: Anderson James

    Taking you back to film viewing of 70's and 80s in ABC cinemas, this shed is fit with original seats, old exit signs, poster display boards, ticket booth and vintage cinema doors all collected from shut down cinemas over the past 30 years. It is also set up with a 35mm projector to allow viewing of old trailers and adverts from years past. As a working museum, up to 34 people can watch films, play Xbox, listen to music, and enjoy sweets and popcorn.