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Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes

Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes
  • Removes dirt and grease
  • Contains added waxes and orange oil which nourish the wood

Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes have been specially designed for regular cleaning and conditioning of all wooden garden furniture, such as teak. They are ideal for sprucing up your furniture before and after entertaining and are convenient for wiping up spills. The wipes, impregnated with orange oil & wax, will not only remove dirt, grease and grime but will at the same time nourish your wood.

How much do you need?

One wipe is normally sufficient for cleaning. However, excessive dirt may need more than one wipe to completely clean the furniture.

Coverage can vary depending on application method and the condition and nature of the surface.

Pack sizes

Pack of 10

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Usage guide


Peel back label to remove wipe. Clean dirt, grease and grime using a circular motion. If the cloth becomes heavily soiled, replace with a fresh one. Finally finish off by wiping gently along the grain.


Reseal pack securely after use to ensure that wipes retain moisture. Do not use or store in extremes of temperature or wet conditions. Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes are not intended as a replacement for the regular treatment of your garden furniture.